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Sabores de la Provincia de Sevilla

How to get here and get around

By plane

Seville Airport

San Pablo Airport or the Airport of Seville (Code: SVQ) is located 10 kilometres to the north-west of the Andalusian capital.

The building’s design is based on Sevillian culture, using three traditional features: the mosque, the palace and orange trees.

Seville’s airport dates back to 1940, although with the 1992 Universal Exhibition it underwent large-scale modifications that led to it being extended: a new terminal building, a larger aircraft apron, a new control tower, and new entrances/exits made this airport more modern and dynamic.

Address: Autovía A-4, Km. 532. 41020 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00

E-mail: informacion_sevilla@aena.es

Web: www.aena.es/csee/Satellite/Aeropuerto-Sevilla/en


By boat

Port of Seville

An inland sea port located on the River Guadalquivir estuary. After a voyage of 90 km from the Atlantic Ocean, one arrives at the city of Seville’s port facilities through the only lock in Spain.

The River Guadalquivir is navigated via the navigation canal called Eurovía Guadalquivir.

Puerto Delicias port is ideal for cruise liner traffic, due to the completely renewed facilities on the old loading dock.

Address: Avda. de Moliní, 6. 41012 Sevilla

Telephone: 954 24 73 00

E-mail: sevilla@apsevilla.com

Web: www.apsevilla.com

Port of Gelves

This is located upriver, 89 km from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a winter port which the sailors can reach without having to pass locks or bridges. It has a capacity for over 300 craft.

One of its main events is the Gelves Port Nautical Fair. This is held every spring and provides its thousands of visitors with the latest in leisure boats.

Address: Autovía Sevilla-Coria del Río Km. 3,5. 41120 Gelves

Telephone: 955 76 12 12

E-mail: info@puertogelves.com

Web: www.puertogelves.com


By road

Plaza de Armas Bus Station

From Plaza de Armas there are coaches to the rest of Spain, to Huelva, to the south of Portugal and to Lisbon.

Address: Avenida del Cristo de la Expiración, s/n. 41001 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 45 05 50 / 955 03 86 65

Web: www.autobusesplazadearmas.es

Prado de San Sebastián Bus Station

From Prado de San Sebastián there are buses to towns of Andalusia.

Address: Calle Manuel Vázquez Sagastizabal, s/n. 41001 Sevilla

Telephone: 955 47 92 90

Web: www.sevilla.org/ciudad/localizacion-1/como-llegar-1/estacion-de-autobuses


Address: Av. Kansas City, s/n. 41007 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 110 283

Web: http://www.avis.es/Alquilerdecoches/Europa/Espana/Sevilla/Sevilla-Estacion-de-tren-%28Santa-Justa%29


Address: Aeropuerto de Sevilla. Autovía A-4, Km. 532. 41020 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 10 50 55

Web: www.europcar.es


Address: Estación de Santa Justa. Avenida de Kansas City, s/n. 41007 Sevilla

Telephone: 954 53 83 31

Web: www.hertz.es

Sevilla Car, S.A.

Address: Calle Almirante Lobo, 1. 41001 Sevilla

Telephone: 954 22 25 87

Web: www.sevillacar.es


By train

Santa Justa Train Station

The Santa Justa railway station in Seville, designed by architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz, was built between 1987 and 1991.

It is built on different levels and has six tracks of international width reserved for the AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) the Spanish High-Speed Train.

Address: Avenida de Kansas City, s/n. 41007 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 320 320 / 902 240 505

Web: www.adif.es/es_ES/infraestructuras/estaciones/51003/informacion_000061.shtml

AVE, High Speed Train

Inaugurated in 1992, the AVE covers the distance from Madrid to Seville in under two hours and twenty minutes, at average speeds over 200 kilometers an hour.

The AVE trains make an average of 36 trips per day between Madrid and Seville and back.

Telephone: 902 32 03 20

Web: www.renfe.com/viajeros/larga_distancia/productos/index.html

Regional or medium distance trains

From the Santa Justa station, trains depart daily to all of the Andalusian provinces. The RENFE Regional Railway Network communicates Andalusia with the Regions of Castille-La Mancha, Extremadura and Madrid.

Web: www.renfe.com/viajeros/mediadistancia/mapas_y_trayectos/Andalucia.html

Commuter trains

There are two local railway lines in the province of Seville:

  • Line C3 Seville-Cazalla de la Sierra/Constantina-Seville: stops at La Fábrica, El Pedroso, Arenilla, Villanueva del Río y Minas, Alcolea, Tocina, Los Rosales, Cantillana, Brenes, La Rinconada.
  • Line C1 Seville-Lora del Río-Seville: stops at Lora del Río, Guadajoz, Los Rosales, Cantillana, Brenes, La Rinconada, Santa Justa, San Bernardo, Virgen del Rocío, Bellavista, Dos Hermanas, Don Rodrigo, Utrera.

Telephone: 902 32 03 20

E-mail: clientecercaniassevilla@renfe.es

Web: www.renfe.com/viajeros/cercanias/sevilla/index.html

Guías de cercanías:


Metropolitan Tr.

TUSSAM. Urban Buses - Seville

Information on Airport-Seville-Airport buses.

Address: Avenida de Andalucia, 11. 41007 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 459 954

Web: www.tussam.es

Metro - Sevilla.

The Seville 'Metro Corporation Metro de Sevilla Sociedad Concesionaria de la Junta de Andalucía S.A.', was created in 2003 for the project draft, to execute works and the commercial exploitation of Seville’s Intercity Metro Line 1.

On 2 April 2009 the Metro Line 1 was partially opened and from the 23 November that year the line was in full operation, serving an estimated population of 230,000 inhabitants and functioning as an important commuter and communications link between the Metropolitan area and the city.

The main objective of the corporation is to improve the agility of commuting within the city and the suburbs. Line 1 connects the localities of Dos Hermanas and Mairena del Aljarafe on its way through Seville.

Address: c/ Carmen Vendrell, 2. 41006 Sevilla

Telephone: 902 364 985 / 954 540 785

E-mail: comunicacion@metrodesevilla.es

Web: www.metro-sevilla.es

Radio Taxi

Address: Avda. Kansas City, 42. 41007 Sevilla

Telephone: 954 58 00 00 / 954 57 11 11

E-mail: radiotaxidesevilla@hotmail.com

Web: www.radiotaxidesevilla.es

Radio Taxi Giralda

Address: Edificio Convención, Avenida de la Innovación, s/n. 41020 Sevilla

Telephone: 954 99 80 70 / 954 67 55 55 / 652 92 71 98

E-mail: radiotaxidesevilla@hotmail.com

Web: www.radiotaxidesevilla.es


Tele Taxi Sevilla

Address: Avenida de la Paz, 8. 41013 Sevilla

Telephone: 954 62 22 22

E-mail: contacto@teletaxisevilla.es

Web: www.teletaxisevilla.es

Taxi Vip Sevilla

Address: C/ Médicos sin fronteras, 22. 41020 Sevilla

Telephone: 655 93 00 67 / 954 60 00 20

E-mail: info@taxivipsevilla.com

Web: www.taxivipsevilla.com


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