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Seville on the silver screen

The province of Seville, with its beautiful landscapes and monuments, its displays of culture and hallmarks of identity, has often provided important features in works of the seventh art. As a beautiful and versatile backdrop, it has often been chosen to enrich large-scale Spanish and international productions, thereby contributing to immortal works of cinema.

There have been many directors that have been attracted by the beauty and diversity of the scenery, the elegance of its historical town districts, its wealth of artistic heritage, the charm of its streets, its enviable light, and of course the passion and dedication of its people. Such directors have seen Seville and its province as the perfect place to tell their stories.

Cinema lovers can enjoy a fantastic cinema route, discovering the marvellous backdrops that George Lucas transformed into the palace in the city of Theed in Star Wars, Ridley Scott turned into the ancient Jerusalem in "Kingdom of Heaven", and Steven Spielberg used to create the Far East in "Empire of the Sun".

This is a journey through landscapes and towns packed with interest, where you can be the star in an incredible adventure.

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