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Seville a bird paradise

Immerse yourself in the province’s nature and get to know the most advisable places to watch Seville’s bird life: Sierra Sur, Sierra Norte, Doñana, la Campiña, and more.

Seville is one of the best places in Europe for bird-watching, above all in winter, with over 313,723 hectares of protected area (nearly 23 % of the entire territory) and an extraordinary wealth of bird life - falcons, vultures, pink flamingos, stiff-tailed ducks, storks and kites inhabit the province’s nature spots.

This invaluable bird diversity is due to the province’s unique natural areas, which range from the Sierra Norte’s abrupt mountains with extensive cork and holm oak forests to the tranquil lakes of the province’s three endorheic systems, not to mention the mosaic of ecosystems that make up the Doñana Natural National Park. Specifically, in the latter you’ll be lucky enough to see stiff-tailed ducks. This is because Aznalcázar (where the Doñana Natural Park is located) is home to one of the most significant populations of this bird in Europe, as well as to black kites, black storks, imperial eagles, and flamingos. Flamingos can also be seen in the Malpasillo Reservoir Natural Area in Badalatosa. This is a population of extraordinary interest to bird-watchers, also thanks to the Cordobilla Reservoir Nature Area.

In order to admire aquatic birds and their beauty, visit La Cañada de los Pájaros in La Puebla del Río. This is the only private Nature Reserve in Spain. In addition, of course, one has to stop off at the Peñon de Zaframagón Nature Reserve in Coripe, which has one of the largest griffon vulture nesting colonies in Europe. The observation hide was inaugurated here in 2007 and covers most of these impressive birds’ nesting and habitat areas.

The province of Seville has over twenty Protected Natural Areas throughout its territory, making it a paradise for birds and those who wish to admire them.

Under the name "Birding Sevilla", Seville’s Provincial Tourist Board aims to fuse and strengthen the tourism value of the Province’s natural heritage, in particular ornithological tourism.

This is being achieved by means of promotional events, trade agreements with local entrepreneurs involved in this sector, with a view to creating specific birdwatching tourism packages for the promotion of this type of tourism to areas such as Doñana, as well as the North and South Sierra.


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