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Active tourism

Put yourself to the test in an unparalleled natural environment



Treetop adventures for everyone, and much more

The province of Seville offers fun for the whole family and unforgettable experiences. Adventure farms and parks, also called suspended forests, exotic animal reserves, day and night tours.

Treetop tours and climbing, aerial runways, freefall, hanging bridges, Tibetan bridges, balancing trunks, vines, landing nets, obstacle courses, adventure towers, gymkhanas, group dynamics, shooting galleries, and much more in an unparalleled natural setting, in the heart of Seville's Sierra Norte, declared a World Geopark by UNESCO.

Ancient trees, abandoned mines, forests, slopes and streams, and native fauna and flora. And if you want to see African fauna, you can visit the El Castillo de las Guardas wildlife reserve.

For lovers of theme and water parks, at Isla Mágica, in the heart of the city of Seville, you will find the only one specialised in the discovery of America: caravels, attractions, waterfalls, swimming pools, theatre and much more. Don't miss the Jaguar, the Iguazu Falls and the Pirates' Den.

An unforgettable experience for the family or for groups of young people and schoolchildren. Trust in the province's companies: specialised monitors will ensure your safety and fun.

Photography: https://aventurasierramorena.es

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