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Seville enchants

Visión del cielo nocturno desde el bosque


The greatest show on earth

There is no more overwhelming and thrilling experience than observing the night sky in the province of Seville. You can admire an unparalleled spectacle from anywhere in the province on the perfectly clear nights of our long summer. Contemplate the universe lying on a hammock or walking, from your caravan, on the porch of your holiday cottage or on a night hike.

You can't miss the night sky of the Sierra Morena Natural Area, the largest Starlight reserve in the world. The Starlight Foundation, the World Tourism Organisation and the International Astronomical Union have certified Sierra Morena as a Starlight Reserve and Tourist Destination (2014) for having one of the highest quality night skies in the world. Four hundred square kilometres of clear, starry skies to learn from and enjoy. In La Cartuja de Cazalla de la Sierra, or the Cerro del Hierro or Monte de la Capitana you will have a unique experience.

Learn to recognise the constellations, to orientate yourself with the stars on night hikes and enjoy the astronomical activities that the companies of the Province offer you. Discover the deepest and brightest skies: a unique and unforgettable experience.

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