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Put yourself to the test in an unparalleled natural environment

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Unbeatable climate all year round and courses in beautiful surroundings

The province of Seville has ideal qualities for golf. Its unbeatable climate allows you to play this sport all year round and the courses are set in prime locations, with beautiful scenery, surrounded by nature, some designed by great golfers.

The golf courses in Seville offer a variety of itineraries for both beginners and amateur or professional players to enjoy themselves.

Throughout the year, our clubs hold various major championships, some at the European level, so anyone who likes watching this sport, but does not actually play, can enjoy them as a spectator. Moreover, the clubs in Seville and the province have unbeatable facilities and services which, in addition to enhancing their sporting options, make them a perfect place for many other tourism and leisure activities.

6 golf courses to visit

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