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Journey to the Centre of Seville


Sevilla has countless places where you can have an adventure. Descend to the depths of the province or climb to its heights. Climbing and caving allow you to make contact with nature and have unique experiences, descending into the caverns and narrow rock passages in caves, chasms and canyons, ravines and rock faces.

The Sierra Norte is the ideal place for these sports but you can find fantastic spots all over the province: Algámitas, Carmona, El Hacho (Lora de Estepa), Puntal del Sur (Casariche), Raja de Gilena and Tajo Montero (Estepa), Sierra de Peñiagua (Morón de la Frontera), Sierra Esparteros (Morón de la Frontera) and Villaverde del Río.

One of the best sites is the Cerro del Hierro, with about 150 routes to explore. Human activity and erosion have shaped the strange landscape of the Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument, located between the towns of San Nicolás del Puerto and Constantina. It is ideal for climbing, hiking and caving. The ancient Roman open-air mine has modelled the karst landscape creating an extraterrestrial landscape, perfect for sport and adventure. The tunnels we can find today were dug for the wagon tracks. Nearby is the old mining town.

The Los Covachos Cave, in Almadén de la Plata, is absolutely spectacular and is home to an endemic species of bat. However, a special permit is required from the Junta de Andalucía to enter the cave.

If you want to experience via ferrata, abseiling, jumping and climbing for the first time, learn the technique under the guidance of the Active Tourism companies in the province of Seville. Safety comes first!

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