Art, feeling and tradition


Passion and tradition in the Sevillian countryside

In Seville you will find countless stud farms and bull farms in all regions. Historical livetsock farms that have triumphed in the best bullrings and that are open to the public so that you can get to know the world of the fighting bull. There are organised tours in which you can enjoy bullfighting shows, capeas (bullfighting practice with calves), rejoneo (horseback bullfighting), bullfighting classes and of course the bull in the field and the cuisine of the fighting bull. The traditions, the work in the fields, the breeding, the history and the rituals associated with the world of the bull are a very important part of our culture that has transcended our borders.

On the stud farms you will be amazed by the Spanish, Spanish-Arabian, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses. It is a great thrill to see them roam free in the countryside, in the dehesas, the meadows and the marshland, but also to learn about dressage, riding, stabling, harnessing and to attend shows and competitions. If you want to learn about the world of horses, the doors of the best stud farms are open to you. Visit the farms and estates where the best horses and bulls are bred. In many of them you can stay and enjoy the cuisine or a unique experience riding a horse or participating in a capea.