Art, feeling and tradition

Semana Santa Sevilla

Religion, festivities, rites and myths come together in a unique way in an explosion of folk culture

The cheerful and friendly character of the people of Seville is a reflection of their ability to make the most of life, to enjoy every day, the warmth of their climate and their people. Seville is a place that welcomes visitors and captivates those who get to know it, that invites you to take part in its customs, traditions and way of life.

Seville customarily expresses its emotions through popular events, in which everyone participates with fervour and enthusiasm. In Seville we know how to celebrate and there are many occasions to do so. Religious or pagan festivities, Holy Week or carnival, fairs, processions, festivals... Seville holds some of the world's most famous popular festivals.

In spring, Holy Week is celebrated in every town: Osuna, Carmona, Ecija... And in each one you will find something unique: The Burning of Judas in Coripe or Las Carreritas (little races) in Pilas. Always staged with great care down to the finest detail, bringing the best of the churches onto the streets: carvings, processions of the Virgin and Christ, religious scenes, candles, flowers, music. A comprehensive and moving display, aesthetically complex. Unique. Do not miss the madrugá (night procession) in the capital. The images are paraded through the streets of Seville on the night of Maundy Thursday to Good Friday. Candles, processional marches and crowds of people moving through the night to see the images in the most emblematic places.

In spring there are also processions, patron saint festivities and events of a folk-cultural nature (local fairs) and celebrations which combine spirituality, singing and dancing, such as the Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses). The departure of the wagons for the Romería del Rocío (Rocío Procession) from the brotherhoods of the towns of the province is a moving experience, with the wagons pulled by oxen, and the pilgrims on horseback or on foot, singing sevillanas in their traditional costumes.

The fairs are occasions for the joy that always permeates the festivities in Seville. Colour, dance, sevillanas and tapas accompanied by the local wine. The capital attracts more than a million people every year to the Real de la Feria: one week a year in which stalls and attractions are set up and dismantled throughout the city to celebrate the festival.

Summer is the season for flamenco, with internationally renowned festivals such as La Reunión de Cante Jondo (Flamenco Singing Meeting) in La Puebla de Cazalla or the Festival de Cante Jondo Antonio Mairena (Antonio Mairena Flamenco Singing Festival) in Mairena del Alcor.

Winter is welcomed in Seville with a spectacular Christmas atmosphere in the streets and towns, with carol singers, bellringers, cribs and living nativity scenes, such as the one in Alcalá del Río, and the fantastic Cabalgatas de Reyes (Three Kings' Parades) in Utrera or Guillena, to give way shortly afterwards to the carnival masks and costumes of Carmona or Fuentes de Andalucía.

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