Art, feeling and tradition

Moda flamenca

The most vibrant regional costume

Flamenco maintains the tradition of its costumes and accessories, which evolve and change with the trends; one more piece of evidence that flamenco folklore is a living art. The sevillana or flamenco costume is the only regional costume that changes with the fashion.

Throughout the province you can find big and small fashion designers specialised in flamenco fashion in all its variations: gypsy costumes for the fairs, women’s riding costumes, short suits for men, fashion for processions and even for weddings. In Seville, getting married in flamenco dress is all the rage.

There is a wide range of accessories that cannot be lacking: manila shawls and small shawls, fans, tassels, ruffles and adornments, flowers, earrings (in Seville they are called sarcillos), shoes, petticoats, and an endless number of very flattering items.


63 enterprises to discover


Aires de Feria Triana

Aires de Feria Dos Hermanas

Sevilla Factory Dos Hermanas. Ctra. Sevilla-Cádiz, Km 553,80, 41703

+34 629 58 48 00

+34 954 72 86 85

Dos Hermanas

Sorelle Trajes de Flamenca

María José Blay Moda Flamenca

Sonia & Isabelle (Sonibel) Alta Costura en Moda Flamenca

Ana Romero Complementos

Avenida Montequinto, Blq. 2-2ºC, 41700

+34 600 84 61 96

Dos Hermanas

Loli Vera Moda Flamenca

Diseño Hermanas Serrano

Ponteflamenca De Mónica Méndez Moda

Carmen Latorre Moda flamenca

c/ Antonio Machado, 39, 41510

+34 955 74 43 04

+34 659 08 07 52

Mairena del Alcor

Artesanía Carvajal Complementos Flamencos

Zapatos Baile Flamenco y Mas

Juan Foronda Peinetas y Mantones

Artesania Textil Mantones y Bordados

Mantones Díaz

Juan Foronda Mantones Manila

c/ Argote de Molina, 20, 41004

c/ Sierpes, 33. 41004

+34 954 21 56 76

+34 606 26 30 67


Castañuelas del Sur

Taller de Luthería

José Luis Postigo Guitarras Antiguas