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Algámitas, a town on the foothills of Seville’s highest peak 

Algámitas is a charming little town in Seville’s Sierra Sur, on the foothills of El Peñón, the symbol of this town. If you are a nature-lover, you will be amazed by the beautiful surroundings. Algámitas has some unique natural spots, as it is flanked by El Terril, the highest point in the province of Seville. This mountain was used in the past by bandits as their hideout. Nowadays, it is a tourist attraction. 

Here you will find rural houses and outdoor activities. The El Peñón Campsite organises different mountain routes on foot, bike or horse. 

You can also enjoy the surroundings of the River Corbones, which runs through the municipal district of Algámitas, as well as the traditions that remain so important to this beautiful mountain town. This is especially the case of the Pilgrimage of San Isidro and the Fiesta del Huerto.

Another significant tourist attraction is the local cuisine. The chicharrones de Algámitas are famous for their distinctive flavour, as are the olive oil, asparagus omelette, porra, and sopa de tomates hervida. All things good in this town come from the land. Seldom will you find a local that does not have a market garden. 

You have no excuse for not enjoying Algámitas, on the foothill of the highest peak in Seville. 

Getting to Algámitas

If you travel by car from Seville, take the A-92 motorway until exit 82 towards El Saucejo. Continue on the A-451, pass through El Saucejo, and take the A-406. You will reach Algámitas soon. 

The town does not have a train station. However, the AVE stops at Santa Ana station, about half an hour away. You can also take the bus line that runs from Prado de San Sebastián station in Seville. 

Getting around

The best way to visit the town and enjoy its atmosphere is on foot. You can cycle, hike or horse ride up to the El Peñón de Algámitas. It is up to you. 

Reasons to visit

  • Go hiking, cycling or horse riding in this unique setting around Algámitas. 
  • Spend a day in the countryside on the banks of the River Corbones and stroll through the so-called Bosque de las Hadas. You will love it! 
  • Experience the Holy Week and the traditional Fiesta del Huerto. A unique event in which the locals recreate a market garden in the town’s square. 
  • Try the famous chicharrones de Algámitas, made with local olive oil. 
  • Follow the Ruta de los Bandoleros and discover the caves in El Peñón de Algámitas in which the outlaws hid.
  • Do not miss the Feria in honour of the Sweet Name of Jesus, which takes place at the end of January. This is the first Feria that is held each year nationwide. 
  • Do you like pilgrimages? The pilgrimage in honour of San Isidro, a saint highly revered by the people of Algámitas, is celebrated in May. 
  • Visit the El Peñón Mountain Tourist Complex and enjoy its wide variety of outdoor activities. It also has a campsite. 

What to see 

Algámitas is a small town with whitewashed houses and pristine streets. You will love seeing a town embedded in nature. 

The Dulce Nombre de Jesús Church is in the town centre. This 18th-century temple is home to two local confraternities, the Cautivo and the Cristo de la Veracruz. Opposite this building is the Plaza de la Iglesia, where most of the festivals are celebrated. 

However, the true beauty of this location is its natural surroundings. Practice an outdoor sport and discover Sierra Sur’s unique landscapes. El Peñón de Algámitas has a tourist complex that offers accommodation and a wide variety of activities. It ranges from archery to mountain routes on bike, foot or horse. It also has a campsite. 

The so-called Bosque de las Hadas is less known. The forest path is beautiful, especially in spring when many plants and flowers begin to bloom. And last but not least, take the Ruta de los Bandoleros and travel back to the 19th century to discover how the outlaws lived in the natural caves of El Peñón de Algámitas.

Places to visit

  1. Dulce Nombre de Jesús Church
  2. El Peñón de Algámitas
  3. Sierra del Tablón
  4. The Corbones River


Algámitas is 118 kilometres from Seville, in the Sierra Sur region, near Sierra del Tablón, on the foothills of Cerro del Terril and El Peñón de Algámitas. It borders the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz. The two highest peaks in the province are in this municipal district, El Terril (1,128 metres), the highest in Seville, and El Peñón de Algámitas (1,121 metres). 

Sierra Sur
20.04 Km²
420.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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