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Castilleja del Campo


Castilleja del Campo, a picturesque town in Aljarafe

Located in Aljarafe, Castilleja del Campo is perfect for spending a few quiet days. This town has beautiful landscapes, a charming old quarter and welcoming people. Do not miss the typical Andalusian whitewashed houses and the San Miguel Arcángel Church. 

Castilleja del Campo is also a traditional bakery town. Its excellent confectionery is renowned across the region, especially the famous roscos de petaca. Cheese is another typical product that has been produced by a local company for over forty years. The local cuisine consists of potajes, caldereta de cordero and tostón con sardinas. 

Castilleja del Campo is a delightful place to visit year-round. However, if you go in October or November, you can enjoy the Otoño Cultural. The festival hosts a variety of events including music and theatrical performances.

Come and experience everything this picturesque town in Aljarafe has to offer. 

Getting to Castilleja del Campo

If you go by car from Seville, the quickest route is the A-49 motorway. Then take exit 23, enter the A-8064 and continue until you reach Castilleja del Campo. 

The town does not have a train station, but you can take the M-165 bus line from Plaza de Armas Bus Station. 

Getting around

Take a leisurely stroll through Castilleja del Campo’s streets and squares. You can also discover the natural surroundings by bike.

Reasons to visit

  • Visit the San Miguel Arcángel Church to see the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows by the sculptor Antonio Castillo Lastrucci. Legend has it that he fell in love with a young, local woman and sculpted her likeness. 
  • Learn about the town’s old agricultural industry by visiting the Museo de Aperos de Labranza.
  • If you are into music and theatre, come in October or November to enjoy the Otoño Cultural. 
  • Discover the local legends at Hacienda del Marquesado de Castilleja. 
  • Try the traditional local pastry, rosco de petaca, famous throughout the Aljarafe region. 
  • Come in the first week of August and celebrate the festivals held in honour of the patron saints. During this week of celebration, the town is decorated with paper flowers, and locals enjoy the traditional fire bull and take part in the pilgrimage. 

What to see 

Start your visit at Calle Miguel Hernández, where the San Miguel Arcángel Church is located. This Baroque temple was rebuilt after the Lisbon earthquake. It is presided over by St. Michael the Archangel, the town’s patron saint. One of the chapels holds the image of the other patron saint, Our Lady of Good Success. You will also find a Crucified Christ made from reed pulp in the Tabernacle, and the sculpture of Our Lady of Sorrows by Antonio Castillo Lastrucci. Popular legend has it that the artist was inspired to make this sculpture when he fell in love with a young, local woman. 

Head now to the Museo de Aperos de Labranza, near the church, on Calle Constitución. This museum exhibits the agricultural tools used in bygone days. Continue strolling through the beautiful streets, where you will find the Monumento de la Cruz del Plato, a symbol in this town. For years, the Cruces de Mayo was celebrated here, a tradition that has been lost.

Last but not least, visit the Hacienda del Marquesado de Castilleja. The façade and interior courtyard of this 19th-century stately building are still well-preserved. You can learn about this town’s history here. 

Places to visit

  1. San Miguel Arcángel Parish Church
  2. Museo de Aperos de Labranza
  3. La Cruz del Plato
  4. Hacienda del Marquesado de Castilleja


Castilleja del Campo is 36 kilometres from Seville in the Aljarafe region, to the west of the River Guadiamar. The town borders the province of Seville and Huelva. 

16.30 Km²
119.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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