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La Puebla de los Infantes


La Puebla de los Infantes, an adventure in the heart of nature

If you like adventure tourism, this is for you. Come to La Puebla de los Infantes, a beautiful town in the Sierra Morena Natural Park. 

Here you can practise all kinds of outdoor and adventure sports. Hiking, cycling, rowing, paramotoring and hunting are just some of the activities that this town has to offer. 

Its natural surroundings are a real paradise. Surrounded by mountains, watered by the Toril stream and the José Torán Reservoir, the geography of La Puebla de los Infantes makes it a beautiful, unique place. 

The town also has a fascinating historical heritage. Do not miss the remains of the Medieval Castle, the surrounding watchtowers and the public washhouse. Also, visit the churches and shrines, which are notable religious places of worship for locals. 

As for cuisine, game meat is the flagship product. Try the perdiz con pimiento de pique or the venado en adobo, traditional delicacies. And, of course, come and experience the festivals. You will probably come back for more. 

Getting to La Puebla de los Infantes

If you travel by car from Seville, the quickest route is the A-4 motorway. Then take exit 506 to enter the A-457. Continue on the SE-6102 and take the SE-141 until you reach La Puebla de los Infantes. 

The town does not have a train station, but you can take a bus from Plaza de Armas Bus Station in Seville. 

Getting around

You can easily walk around this small town on foot. There are different hiking routes that you can go on to discover the surroundings. You can also go horse riding and practise various outdoor activities. 

Reasons to visit

  • Visit the ‘Las Pilas’ public washhouse, the best-preserved washhouse in the province. 
  • The town boasts a building by the architect Aníbal González, who also designed Seville’s Plaza de España. Ask about the so-called ‘casa bonita’.
  • Walk around the remains of the Castle, located at the town’s highest point, and enjoy the beautiful views of the Vega del Guadalquivir. 
  • Follow a hiking or cycling route and explore the myriad paths. You will love the scenery.
  • Are you a thrill-seeker? Try paramotoring, which is the town’s flagship sport, and enjoy a unique experience with a bird’s eye view over the area. 
  • Come to Fiesta de Las Candelas (Candlemas) in February. Each street has its own candle. At the weekend, the town also celebrates the Paramotoring Rally, which enjoys international recognition. 
  • You can also go hunting or fishing if you enjoy these sports. 

What to see 

Begin your visit at the Plaza de la Iglesia. Here you will find the Nuestra Señora de las Huertas Parish Church. Inside the building is the 16th-century statue of the patron saint, María Santísima de las Huertas, who is highly revered by the locals.

A few metres away, on Calle Acosta, is the ‘Las Pilas’ public washhouse. It was still used only a few decades ago, and its current state of preservation makes it unique in the province.

Walking back, in less than 5 minutes, you will reach the Mudejar-style Shrine to Santiago. Next to the shrine are the remains of the Castle, the defensive fortress that played an essential role during the Christian conquest. 

If you continue down Calle Castillo, you will reach the Shrine to Santa Ana, another emblematic building in La Puebla de los Infantes. When you finish your visit, stroll through the streets or relax in one of the bars and try the delicious local cuisine. 

If you want to enjoy nature, practise one of the many outdoor activities on offer.

Places to visit

  1. The Castle
  2. Shrine to Santa Ana
  3. Shrine to Santiago
  4. Nuestra Señora de las Huertas Church
  5. 'Curro el Herrero' Museum of Popular Arts and Customs
  6. Las Pilas’ public washhouse
  7. Sierra Morena Natural Park
  8. ‘La casa bonita’


La Puebla de los Infantes is 83 kilometres from Seville. It is located between the Vega del Guadalquivir and Seville’s Sierra Morena region. Part of its municipal district is situated in Sierra Morena Natural Park, a protected area. 

Sierra Morena Sevillana
154.20 Km²
230.00 m
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