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Las Navas de la Concepción


Las Navas de la Concepción, nature and cuisine

Are you looking for a place to relax and reconnect with nature? Look no further; come to Las Navas de la Concepción in the heart of the Sierra Morena Natural Park. Surrounded by mountains, this charming town is the perfect countryside getaway to practise adventure sports or hunt. 

The town hosts a large hunting fair every year that attracts hunting enthusiasts from across Spain. Sierra Morena’s organic produce is also on display during the event. 

Cuisine is another tourist attraction at Las Navas de la Concepción. As with all mountain towns, the dishes are made with game meat, Iberian pork products and locally produced olive oil. One typical dish is caldereta de venado. Come and try this delicacy free at the Andalusia Day celebration.

Only when you come and see this mountain town for yourself will you understand how wonderful it really is. Visit Las Navas de la Concepción. What are you waiting for? 

Getting to Las Navas de la Concepción

If you travel by car from Seville, the quickest route is the A-4 motorway. At Carmona, take the A-457 towards Lora del Río. Enter the A-455 towards Constantina and then the SE-150 to Las Navas de la Concepción. 

The town does not have a train station, but you can take a bus from Plaza de Armas station in Seville.

Getting around

Stroll through its streets and discover this charming town. Better still, follow one of the many routes on foot or bike and explore the natural surroundings. 

Reasons to visit

  • Escape from your stress and enjoy the peace and quiet that this mountain town has to offer. 
  • Sample the delicious food at the Andalusia Day celebrations, including the caldereta de venado, a typical venison stew traditionally cooked in a huge pan. 
  • Enjoy different routes through the Sierra Morena Natural Park. The Shrine to the Virgen de Belén is on the Ribera Route.
  • Come in October to visit the Feria Cinegética y del Ecoturismo, where typical, locally produced products are on display.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, taste the rosas de miel, the traditional confectionery from Las Navas de la Concepción. 

What to see

Start your visit at the Plaza de España, where the Town Hall and the Purísima Concepción Church are located. This baroque parish church is home to the town’s patron saints, Saint Peter and Our Lady of Bethlehem. Both images are highly revered by the locals. The 16th-century baptismal font from the original church remains.

To round off your visit, explore the narrow streets on foot and admire the whitewashed houses. At the entrance of the town is the Pito del Sulfuro, an impressive old smokestack. 

Enjoy the delicious cuisine in the local bars, including the typical dishes caldereta de venado and conejo asado sobre majado.

Last but not least, follow a route through the Sierra Morena Natural Park. One of them takes you to the Shrine to the Virgen de Belén. There is an old olive oil mill next to it. Hike through the mountains and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. You will not regret it. 

Places to visit

  1. La Purísima Concepción Parish Church 
  2. Shrine to the Virgen de Belén
  3. Sierra Morena Natural Park


Las Navas de la Concepción is about 100 kilometres from Seville in Seville’s Sierra Morena region. Nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains, its municipal district lies partially in the Sierra Morena Natural Park, a protected area. 

Sierra Morena Sevillana
63.40 Km²
429.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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