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Los Molares


Los Molares, a town with medieval roots

Would you like to discover a town with medieval roots? Visit Los Molares in Seville’s La Campiña. You can see its impressive 14th-century Castle from afar. Every year, this symbolic monument is used as a venue for the town’s spectacular Medieval Market, which faithfully recreates this period.

This charming town has many remarkable tourist attractions, including the Santa Marta Parish Church and the Bao Tower. You will also see the Cañada Real and the El Palomar Dolmens if you take one the routes in the natural surroundings.

The artisan bread made in Los Molares in wood-fired ovens is famous throughout the province. Be sure to dip it in a typical homemade stew. 

Visit this gem in La Campiña and discover its many traditions. 

Getting to Los Molares

If you travel by car from Seville, the quickest route is the A-376 motorway to Utrera. Then enter the A-376 until Los Molares.

If you travel by train, take the C1 Cercanías line from Seville to Utrera station. From there, you will have to take a taxi or a bus to Los Molares, which is about 11 kilometres away. 

If you travel by bus, go to the Prado de San Sebastián station in Seville. 

Getting around

Stroll through the streets or, alternatively, cycle on one of the routes.

Reasons to visit

  • Visit Los Molares Castle to see the colossal walls and battlements that surround this valuable 14th-century gem. 
  • Discover the hidden legends of the Bao Tower, a fortress-tower built at the same time as the Castle.
  • Take a break at El Juncal Park and enjoy a picnic in the countryside.
  • Come to the town’s famous Medieval Market in early October. It will transport you back to Los Molares’ medieval past. 
  • Try the local artisan bread famous across the region. 
  • Do not miss the town’s Live Nativity Scene at Christmas, which is held at the spectacular Los Molares Castle.
  • Experience the Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fátima and the Semana Cultural Romera held in May. Fun is guaranteed. 

What to see 

Start your route at Calle Duque de Alcalá, where you can visit the Los Molares Castle. The walls of this medieval fortress, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, are very well preserved. The Castle houses an exhibition of the local history and an audiovisual screening of the former Feria de paños y sedas. This 15th-century event is commemorated in October in Los Molares’ Medieval Market. 

Continue along the same street until you reach Santa Marta Church. This place of worship has 17th-century sculptures and valuable precious metal artefacts. 
Then wander through the town’s narrow and charming streets until you reach La Higuera Fountain, which is located a 15-minute walk from the town centre on Avenida de Andalucía. This drinking trough has always been a local meeting point. 

Then follow a route through the town’s natural surroundings. One route takes you to Bao Tower, which was used to control the area during the Middle Ages. It is located near the Morón Airbase, which is an hour and a half away on foot. Another option is to go by car, which only takes 10 minutes. 

We also recommend cycling on the route that connects Los Molares with Utrera. It will take about 20 minutes. There is also a picnic area in El Juncal Park, which is just two kilometres away. This park is known as ‘The Shrine’ because the Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fátima takes place here every May. 

Places to visit

  1. Los Molares Castle
  2. Santa Marta Church
  3. Bao Tower
  4. La Higuera Fountain
  5. ‘El Juncal’ or “The Shrine”
  6. Cañada Real and El Palomar Dolmens


Los Molares is almost 41 kilometres from Seville in the La Campiña region. Part of its municipal district extends into Utrera. The land is given over to extensive cereal crops and olive groves. 

La Campiña
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