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Martín de la Jara


Martín de la Jara, escape to Seville’s Sierra Sur

Martín de la Jara is a perfect place for a rural getaway. In this beautiful part of Seville’s Sierra Sur, you will discover a unique wetland, the Gosque Lagoon. Declared a Nature Reserve, it is home to fascinating waterfowl species. 

The lagoon is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that you can explore on foot or by bike. It also has a picnic area, if you wish to enjoy a day in the countryside. In hot weather, you can cool down in its waters. The people of Martín de la Jara enjoy the Gosque Lagoon as if it were a beach. 

The cuisine is another attraction. Its typical dishes are made with delicious, locally grown vegetables. The most popular dish, amorraque, is made of peppers, onion and garlic, with a local twist. Be sure to try the porra, just as good as the one made in Antequera. 

Escape to Martin de la Jara, you will love its traditions and natural environment. 

Getting to Martín de la Jara

If travelling by car from Seville, take the A-92 motorway until exit 84, Osuna. Enter the A-378 that will take you to your destination. 

This town does not have a train station. However, you can get to Osuna by train and from there take a bus to Martín de la Jara. The same is true for buses. No line directly connects this town with Seville. You have to travel to Osuna and switch buses. 

Getting around

You can easily explore this small town on foot, and enjoy its atmosphere. However, the best way to discover its natural environment is by either cycling or hiking.

Reasons to visit

  • If you wish to spend a few peaceful days amidst nature, Martín de la Jara is the place for you. 
  • Visit the Gosque Lagoon Nature Reserve and, remember, if it is hot, you can cool down and take a dip. 
  • Try the local cuisine, which includes cured meats, cheeses and dishes made with locally grown vegetables. Be sure to try almorraque and porra jareña.
  • Do you prefer something sweet? Try the juñuelos with a cup of hot chocolate, the best snack on a cold day. 
  • Experience the Virgen del Carmen Pilgrimage to the Gosque Lagoon; a local tradition. 
  • If you come at the end of July, enjoy the Feria de Martín de la Jara. It coincides with the Cante Jondo Festival, a flamenco festival that has been taking place for over 35 years. 

What to see 

There are several versions of the town’s history; many are more legend than fact. Some argue that both Martín de la Jara and Los Corrales were pastures where the Duke of Osuna’s livestock grazed. The farmer’s houses were in Martín de la Jara while the cattle sheds were in Los Corrales. This story makes sense, but it has never been proven. 

Another legend is also about the town’s name. Rumour has it that the name was taken from a captain named Martín. However, it is better if you get the story from the locals while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the town’s bars. 

The only sure thing is that both Martín de la Jara and Los Corrales belonged to the Duke of Osuna until the abolition of seigniories in the 19th century. Due to its location on the border with Málaga, Martín de la Jara was a perfect stopover for travellers in the Middle Ages. Indeed, that was this town’s origins. 

Traces of its medieval past can be found in the Arco de la Teja, the most picturesque corner of town. Only this remains of the defensive wall. It is now a local symbol. Another place of tourist interest is the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church, a remarkable building with a double tower. 

However, the most beautiful feature of this town is its natural surroundings, and the Gosque Lagoon Nature Reserve. Enjoy the picnic area while relaxing amidst nature. Explore a trail, swim in its waters or watch the different protected bird species. Be sure to watch the sunset for a stunning snapshot of this part of the Sierra Sur. 

Places to visit

  1. Ntra. Sra. del Rosario Church
  2. Gosque Lagoon Nature Reserve
  3. Arco de la Teja


Martín de la Jara is 111 kilometres from Seville in the Sierra Sur region. Its municipal district borders the province of Málaga. This town is a valley where the Gosque Lagoon Protected Nature Reserve is located. 

Sierra Sur
49.34 Km²
404.00 m
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