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Seville enchants

This convent houses magnificent works of art and important archives.

The convent of Santa María la Real was originally founded on 13 December 1409, the feast of Saint Lucy, in Calle San Vicente, Seville. The nuns were joined by others from the convent of Nuestra Señora del Valle in Seville in 1511.

The convent of San Clemente is a piece of the towns's history. On the one hand, it contains the memories of important events in the Arab world and, on the other, the history and art of the town.

It belongs to the congregation of the Commanders of the Holy Spirit, an order founded by Venerable Guido de Montpellier in 1173. It aims at prayer and its premises house a women's residence and a teaching centre. The building has been part of Seville's Historical Complex since 1964 and, in 1538, Ms María de Aguilar received the bull allowing the foundation of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

It is located in the centre of the historic quarter of Seville. It was built during the last third of the 14th century and throughout the 15th century and was founded in the family palace of Ms María Coronel. It has all the facilities that this type of institution usually has: church, turnstile, compass, cloister, kitchen, etc...

In the heart of the San Julián district, the belfry of the Santa Paula monastery stands out. In 1473, Pope Sixtus IV granted the foundational papal bull of the monastery to Ana de Santillán y Guzmán, a woman who entered San Juan de la Palma after being widowed. At this retrea, she thought about the idea of creating a cloistered monument for the Hieronymite Order.

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