Cascadas del Hueznar

Seville enchants

The “Laguna de los Tollos” Nature Classroom, located in Rocío de la Cámara Park, is used for environmental education activities, talks and debates.

“Rocío de la Cámara” Park offers spectacular views of Los Tollos wetland.

It is an ideal place for children to play quietly. The surroundings –protected lagoon, vineyards, scrubland- are stunning.

The Andalusia Wildlife Centre is a unique facility where it is possible to come into direct contact with some of the most striking animal species that inhabit the seven continents. The centre houses an impressive collection of fauna: from tiny insects from the most remote jungles to superb examples of African elephant, giraffe, Bengal tiger or Nile crocodile.

This is an environmental education and rural tourism facility located on a seven-hectare site of Mediterranean woodland, in the municipality of Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Seville, and set in an area of great cultural and biological wealth close to the Sierra Morena Natural Park.

The Zaframagón Interpretation Centre and Ornithological Observatory are located in the former Zaframagón train station. The Centre boasts a Video Surveillance Monitoring System of griffon vulture nesting site. A 360°-rotation, high-sensitivity, digital camera provides real-time images of the griffon vultures flying, feeding their chicks and nesting.

The Nature Observation Park project began in 1997 as a proposal of the El Ronquillo Town Council, for the environmental recovery of the area and as a rural tourism attraction. In 1997, an ambitious project was launched, which today, we see reflected in this beautiful natural park.

The Sustainable Tourism Education Centre “Riberas del Guadaíra” is located near the riverside park and the River Guadaíra. The centre was created as an educational facility for acquiring values in sustainability, solidarity, awareness and respect for the environment by working with fundamental elements such as local traditions and the immediate environment.

The José Antonio Valverde Visitors’ Centre takes its name from a pioneer in the conservation of the Doñana Natural Area. Nonetheless, it is also known as Cerrado Garrido, a local toponym.