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Seville enchants

Seville and its province are known for being one of the hottest places in Andalusia, especially when the heat is more intense during the summertime.

Leaving Pruna via Calle Culata, you cross a small seasonal stream, and beyond El Molinillo, on the right there is a rock where the water falls in a cascade of approximately 25 or 30 metres. It is one kilometre away from Pruna.

This trail runs through the centre of the Sierra Morena de Sevilla Natural Park, through four of its beautiful villages: Constantina, Cazalla de la Sierra, Alanís and San Nicolás del Puerto.

This sculpture is a tribute to the large deer population found in the town. Indeed, Almadén is a tourist attraction during the Berrea (rut) and the Monterías (hound hunting). Made by the sculptor Jaime Mate Gallego, it is located opposite the Fuente del Águila.

The Huéznar Falls are to be found in the upper course of the Rivera del Huéznar, near its source. In this area, the river runs under dense gallery forests, forming pools and descending over small steps in the form of waterfalls, giving rise to travertine or tufa limestone cascades due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate contained in the water on the rocks or plants.