Semana Santa Pruna

Seville enchants

The cave is to be found in the surroundings of the Rivera del Huéznar River, in an area formed by Cambrian limestone, which has been perforated by the waters to form the cave.

The cave is located in the Sierra Norte Natural Park.

Next to the Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta Chapel in Corcoya are the José María El Tempranillo Caves. Of little depth and located in a site of great natural beauty, they have recently been restored.

These old Roman and medieval quarries are located about 3 kilometres from Estepa towards El Rubio. 

This necropolis is one of the few examples of artificial copper age cave tombs, since in that period the use of dolmens was the norm. Other similar tombs have been discovered in the immediate surroundings of Lora de Estepa, Pedrera and Alameda. There are also some near Lisbon, but they are very rare. Tombs of this kind are usually excavated in clayey, limestone marls.

Remains from the Neolithic, Low Roman Empire and Chalcolithic periods have been found in this important archaeological site. There are over 182 places with rock art in this 520-meters cave.