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Seville enchants

La Madroña is a municipally-owned estate in the northern part of the municipality of Burguillos. It is about 3 km to the north of the town proper, on the foothills of El Cerro de Moro hill. It is used primarily for recreational purposes.

The Japanese Keicho Embassy led by Hasekura Tsunenaga arrived in Coria del Río in October 1614. In addition to its Roman and Moorish heritage, this Sevillian town was the venue of an endearing encounter between Spain and Japan that left an indelible mark. A memory kept alive by fifteen generations of Andalusians who have preserved the surname “Japón” in honour of their ancestors.

The Maria Luisa Park is formed in part by the gardens of the San Telmo Palace, donated in 1893 to the town of Seville by the Infanta Maria Luisa (Duchess of Montpensier) which were incorporated into the urban heritage in 1911. In 1893 the Queen's Sewing Box and a metal structure greenhouse were built.

This garden belonged to the Nature Pavilion of Expo '92 (Seville). It is unique in Spain for its exclusive content of American species, some of which are extemely rare in the world. It has a landscape design, being structured in different irregularly shaped parterres next to a network of dirt and paved roads and paths that run along its entire length.

The Alamillo Park is located in the northern part of the Isla de la Cartuja, on the outskirts of Seville, after crossing the River Guadalquivir over the Alamillo Bridge. This large green lung allows you to carry out and enjoy several sports and outdoor leisure activities in contact with nature.

The Zahurdilla Park, in the hamlet of Las Pajanosas, is located in an area of pastureland in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. Its landscape features a holm oak forest with numerous watercourses.

San Pedro was a former resting place for cattle now turned into a recreational area, where the Alanís Pilgrimage is held every year. It is located within the Sierra Norte Natural Park.

Facilities in the Park include barbecues, tables and benches, toilets, playground, fountains and garbage bins, a camping area and Los Carros Path.