Seville enchants

This annual Festival is one of the classics of the Nazarene summers and is a national benchmark for flamenco competitions. It is held in the Municipal Auditorium 'Los del Río' usually during the second week of June.

The first Andalusian Gazpacho festival to take place in Morón de la Frontera was held on 31 August 1963.

The La Mistela Festival has burst into the world of flamenco festivals with a new format with its own personality that is becoming consolidated and that now occupies its own place in the flamenco scene of this new century. The top singers, dancers and guitarists perform there.

The “Madrugá Flamenca” is organized by the City Council’s Culture Department and the County Council as part of the Cotton Festival. The event has a long tradition extending back to the year 1994.

It takes place in late September in the municipal fairground with numerous “cante jondo” artists, flamenco guitarist and dancers perform during the event.

Organised by the El Rubio Town Hall, this flamenco festival brings together artists from all new flamenco styles and genres, with performances of “cante jondo” singing, flamenco dances and classical guitar. 

The country estate, also known as Hacienda La Fuenlonguilla, is located half a kilometre along the road SE-457. It dates back to the mid-19th century, more specifically 1858. It was used for agricultural and livestock activities. The Hacienda’s original olive oil mill is still in perfect condition, as is the rest of the complex.

This festival was declared an Andalusian Event of Tourist Interest. This initiative was launched by José Meneses and Francisco Moreno Galván in 1967. The festival is held in different squares and locations in the town, bringing together people from all over Spain and other countries, in particular Germany, the United States and France.