Osuna Colegiata

Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Japanese Keicho Embassy led by Hasekura Tsunenaga arrived in Coria del Río in October 1614. In addition to its Roman and Moorish heritage, this Sevillian town was the venue of an endearing encounter between Spain and Japan that left an indelible mark. A memory kept alive by fifteen generations of Andalusians who have preserved the surname “Japón” in honour of their ancestors.

Olive-growing Hacienda divided into two parts, the manor (with 3 courtyards) and a work yard with a beam press mill and all other rooms are situated. 

This is an outstanding example of an olive-growing farmstead in Espartinas.

The origin of this building dates back to the 14th century, according to the partition documents.

The Sendai House Museum is located in the heart of Coria del Río, a five minutes’ walk from the Town Hall, and ten minutes from the river and Carlos de Mesa Park.