Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Cerro del Hierro information point is in a public area of about 360 hectares, where the Cerro del Hierro was declared a Natural Monument on 1 October 2003.

This trail runs through the centre of the Sierra Morena de Sevilla Natural Park, through four of its beautiful villages: Constantina, Cazalla de la Sierra, Alanís and San Nicolás del Puerto.

We will leave San Nicolás del Puerto looking for the Greenway, to cover 6 km until we reach Cerro del Hierro. From the Cerro del Hierro, we should take the road that leads to the Cerro del Hierro, to reach the SE-7102 road, turning left towards Constantina. We will have to cover 8 km and we will arrive at a crossroads with the A-455 where we will turn left to reach Constantina after 2 km.