Seville, beautiful and diverse

We leave the A-375 in the direction of Seville, looking for the turning to the left that indicates Las Cabezas de San Juan on the A-8128. After 28 kilometres we reach a junction with the A371 where we turn right towards Las Cabezas de San Juan. We will continue along this road for 12.5 kilometres until we reach the municipality, where we will arrive at Avenida Dr. Fleming.

We leave Coripe along the main avenue, looking for the signs to the Greenway along the A8126. We will descend a steep slope to the River Guadalporcún and, after crossing it, we will have to turn right following the signs to the Greenway.

The route of the Greenway is 15 kilometres long and passes through 10 tunnels, the largest of which are illuminated.

We will start the route on Avenida Dr. Fleming in Las Cabezas de San Juan until we reach a roundabout. We will have to turn right on Calle Blas Infante. After 100 metres we come to a crossroads where we must continue straight on along the Avenida de Jesús Nazareno, where we leave Las Cabezas and take the SE-5208 road.

Coming from Fuentes de Andalucía on the A-407 and about 300 metres away from the entrance, tourists should take the turn-off that leads to the municipality of Lantejuela. After 31 metres along Calle Virgen del Rosario, tourists must turn right into Calle Blas Infante and continue until leaving the village on the SE-7201 road towards La Puebla de Cazalla.

We will start from the Barge of the Port of Coria del Río and take the Avenida de Andalucía to the left. At the end of the avenue we turn right into Calle Hornos and then left into Avenida de Blas Infante until we reach a roundabout, where we will look for the signs to Puebla del Río and Dehesa de Abajo.

We will leave San Nicolás del Puerto looking for the Greenway, to cover 6 km until we reach Cerro del Hierro. From the Cerro del Hierro, we should take the road that leads to the Cerro del Hierro, to reach the SE-7102 road, turning left towards Constantina. We will have to cover 8 km and we will arrive at a crossroads with the A-455 where we will turn left to reach Constantina after 2 km.

We leave Ronquillo on the N630, driving approximately 4.5 km to the turn-off to Almadén de la Plata, on the A8175 road. We will travel 8.5 km until we reach a crossroads where we will have to continue on the left, always towards Almadén de la Plata, along the same A8175, for 9 km, until we reach Almadén. In this stage we will enter the Sierra Norte Natural Park.