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Chapel Trail: El Pedroso - Almadén de la Plata E.1


El Pedroso

Human presence in the area of El Pedroso can be dated back to the Palaeolithic period, thanks to the discovery of flint arrowheads. The Neolithic megalithic culture was also present in the area, as has been confirmed by the recent discovery of a tholos. El Pedroso, like most towns in the area, gained importance after the Reconquest. The discovery of America enabled many people from El Pedroso to join the conquest and settlement of the region, the most important being Mr. Jerónimo López Hernández, who was granted a coat of arms for himself and his heirs by King Carlos I and his mother, Juana, for his valuable contribution to the conquest of Mexico. 

The charm of its streets and its communication facilities, with a train station in the town centre, make El Pedroso an ideal destination for many visitors from the capital.

On the outskirts of the town is the chapel of the Virgen del Espino. It is a single-nave building with four bays and wide transverse arches, similar to those found in other constructions in the mountains, supported by solid exterior buttresses, and with a wooden gable roof and decorative tiles. Due to its architectural characteristics, this nave can be considered a Mudéjar construction, probably from the 15th century. The simple pointed arch brick doorway in the spire wall, half hidden by the adjoining outbuildings, dates from the same period.

In the centre of El Pedroso is the chapel of Cristo de la Misericordia. It is located on the site of the now disappeared Hospital de la Misericordia. It is a small rectangular building with two sections separated by a pointed triumphal arch. The first section, which is the main nave, has a lintel roof, while the second section, which is the main chapel, is covered by a vaulted ceiling.

This is one of the toughest but, at the same time, most beautiful and rewarding stages. In just one day you will have the opportunity to admire the diverse landscapes offered by the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park. You will walk among fan palms and wild olive trees, climb steep mountains of scrubland and hilly dehesas, enjoy the coolness of the riverside forest and finish the walk at the Melonares reservoir.

Due to its long distance, we will divide this stage into two parts for walking. By bike it can be done in a single stage with no difficulty. It is possible to sleep rough for the night, provided you comply with the current regulations and with the necessary permission of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park. This will offer you the incredible experience of sleeping under a ceiling of stars in an area that has been declared a Starlight Reserve due to the quality of its skies.

Starting from the chapel of the Virgen del Espino, for the first few kilometres you will enjoy in all its splendour the so-called Batolito del Pedroso, whose etymological translation is deep rock. This landscape consists of large, highly visible granite boulders, whose presence is the result of the erosion of the land caused by human beings as much as by wind and water. After walking along the Parroso stream for a few kilometres, you enter a large hunting estate. Some of the best hunting trophies in Spain have been taken from these mountains. If you do the route in autumn, you will be astounded by the spectacle of the deer (Cervus elaphus) in full rut, and time will stand still as you watch the fierce fights between the large, powerful stags. This will not be the only marvel of the day, because when you reach the highest point of the route, you will enjoy perhaps one of the most spectacular panoramic views of all the stages. Breathtaking views that reveal all the splendour of the Sierra Morena as it meets the neighbouring Sierra de Huelva. All that remains is to descend and skirt the reservoir until you reach the mouth of the River Viar.

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