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Cycle touring route: Aznalcázar / Aznalcóllar


We leave Aznalcázar on the old Aznalcázar-Pilas road, and 200m further on we will find the Guadiamar Visitor Centre, where the Green Corridor begins. On leaving the town centre we take the path that starts on our left, to follow the route along the right bank of the Corridor, so that the Guadiamar will always be on our left.

The entire Corridor is signposted. We will have to cross under three bridges: a railway bridge, a motorway bridge and a third road bridge. At this last bridge, the third one, we will have to turn right, after crossing it and after 100 metres we will turn left again to continue straight on (this area is an access to the corridor from Sanlúcar la Mayor). At 21 km from the start, the Corridor will reach a junction where we can turn left or right. We will have to turn left, crossing the river for the first time, and immediately afterwards to the right, to continue straight on until the end of the corridor, on the A477 road, where we will turn left to Aznalcóllar, where we will arrive after 4 km.

The Guadiamar Green Corridor is the result of the actions carried out by the different administrations for the purpose of building a space that would guarantee, on the one hand, the quality of the waters that supply the protected areas of Doñana and the Guadalquivir Estuary and, on the other hand, the movement of wildlife to the natural areas that connect the Doñana region and Sierra Morena.

Good soil condition (muddy on rainy days), section A477: Asphalt road, with a daily traffic of 2000-5000 vehicles. Signposted. Corridor Forests. Visitor centre. Area of special interest and protected area.

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