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It is the oldest bullring in the province of Seville and is built on the parade ground of a Muslim castle dating from around 1400, with archaeological remains of a wall, minarets and the main door of the town's old Andalusian castle integrated into its interior. There are few remains and what is preserved suggests that it was a rectangular area of about 100 by 60 metres, although it is now almost circular.

An equally interesting fact is that in what is now the bullring a milestone was found that marked the distance between Italica and Mons Mariorum, and that would appear to have been on the road no. XXII that was ordered to be built by the Emperor Hadrian, linking Italica with Merida and passing through what today is Guillena and Las Pajanosas. This area, being so close to the Rivera de Huelva and being an unavoidable route for both Merida and the Almaden Mines, was gradually populated by settlements, the foundations of what seems to have been an important rustic villa being found in the place known as Vega del Moral, south of Guillena.

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