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Fair and Festivals of Our Lady of Consolation


Declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest.

The origin of this festival dates back to the annual livestock fair held during the traditional local pilgrimage of Our Lady of Consolation. Over the years, this new tradition has become one of the most captivating fairs in the province of Seville and an important festival in southern Spain. It is held concurrently with the festivities for the patron saint, Our Lady of Consolation).

Utrera lives those days in a festive atmosphere that attracts thousands of people worldwide. Many events take place during those days including bullfighting festivals, horse rides, concerts and flamenco contests and performances, as befits a town where several famous artists were born.
Utrera’s fairground is one of the largest in the province of Seville. Located near Consolation Park, a remarkable number of marquee tents, known as “casetas”, are set up for the occasion. Although some of these casetas are owned by social clubs and associations, the vast majority of them are open to the public; therefore, everyone can access them to enjoy the typical products on offer.

The Shrine to Our Lady of Consolation is open all day and night on 8 September to welcome anyone who makes the pilgrimage to the patron saint. 

Approximate date
First week of September (5 to 8 September)


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