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Pilgrimage of Nuestra Señora de Guaditoca


The origin of the pilgrimage as it is today dates back to 1792, when, after the transfer of the livestock fair to the town of Guadalcanal, the image of the Virgin was carried to the town in a procession, as a way of maintaining the symbolic link between image and fair.

The Pilgrimage of Nuestra Señora de Guaditoca takes place in two stages. The first is in April, when the image is taken from its chapel to the town centre to be watched over during the night, carried in a procession and placed in the parish church, where it remains until September, when it is carried by the locals in a second pilgrimage, crossing the valley of the River Guaditoca and stopping off at numerous crosses, where the pilgrims sing and dance, finally being returned to its chapel, after which a day of feasting is spent in the surrounding area.

It is a deeply rooted and very popular tradition both in this town and in the neighboring ones, given the unique beginnings and evolution of the activity, which help revive the sense of territorial belonging, a guarantee of continuity.

Approximate date: April-September

Approximate date


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