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Romería de Setefilla


8 September, the Feast of the Holy Nativity of Mary and the liturgical day of Our Lady of Setefilla, is the most important day dedicated to Our Lady of Setefilla. The traditional pilgrimage to the Sanctuary takes place on this day.

The festivities of the “Ida” of the Blessed Virgin begin with the celebrations by different guilds, who organise traditional pronouncements and farewell performances. These pronouncements take place in the town’s streets, led by numerous cavalries that accompany the criers, followed by beautifully decorated carriages that carry the governing board, guilds, associations and other groups. Nowadays, these guilds represent farmers, artisans, tradesmen, salespersons, employers and employees, as well as youth (in craftsmen, artisan o or of the countryside, craftsmen or artisan-industrialists and employees, and the youth (in the past, maidens).

The Blessed Virgin’s return to her Sanctuary is done according to the rules established for her transfer.

Approximate date
8 September


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