Art, feeling and tradition

Casa Anselma


It is one of the most popular live music establishments in Seville. Anselma herself, the owner, is in charge of the business and welcomes customers every night. Access to this place is free, but it is mandatory to pay a minimum spend to attend the show.

The musicians who perform at Casa Anselma are usually local artists who encourage the audience by interacting with them and making them an active part of the show. This establishment is a common destination for tourists who visit this town. Several artists, bullfighters, politicians, designers, writers and even members of royalty have enjoyed the flamenco atmosphere at Casa Anselma. The walls of Casa Anselma are full of history with old fair posters, pictures of artists, typical Triana ceramic dishes, bullfighting items or religious images of Seville, among which Anselma sings and dismisses the night with a salve rociera (Rocío hymn).


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