Art, feeling and tradition

Casa La Teatro


Among vegetables, fish and meat, surrounded by the perfume of spices and the sweet smell of fruit, the Casa La Teatro in the Mercado de Triana was born on 18 May 2012. Three metres of stage and 28 seats are enough space to host a whole range of shows the common denominator of which is quality and affordable prices.

Small but welcoming capacity; with a limited but welcoming setting, Casala Teatro's dimensions are ideal for enjoying the pleasures of a large theatre in a small format. The charm of the room makes it a extraordinary meeting place for the audience and artists and an excellent opportunity to bring music, cinema, theatre or magic closer to our daily lives, transcending the usual border between the stalls and the stage.

Flamenco has become a classic show therein. Few places allow viewers to be in such communion with the artist, to enjoy such closeness, in a more intimate, closer format, with charm, being in the heart of Triana, the cradle of flamenco in Seville. The cultural proposal “Íntimamente flamenco” (Intimately, flamenco) is born out of the complicity and freshness of its features; it is a show where each artist brings their skills and personality, creating a unique mix, an intense and different way of feeling flamenco.


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