Art, feeling and tradition

Tablao El Arenal


The Tablao El Arenal in Seville is the most emblematic flamenco stage in the town. After 40 years of history, this space is still offering the purest and most authentic Flamenco Art. In fact, according to the New York Times, the Tablao El Arenal «is the best place in the world to feel the emotions of Flamenco Art». 

Sevillians and visitors from all over the world can find in this flamenco stage the magic of an art declared a World Heritage Site. A show of pure flamenco lasting 90 minutes in which 17 renowned artists of flamenco singing, flamenco dancing and flamenco guitar from Seville are involved.

In addition, the audience will be excited embracing the purity of flamenco while having a glass of wine, some tapas or dinner, since a menu is offered therein, with very sophisticate dishes of traditional Andalusian haute cuisine. The perfect marriage between Seville, its gastronomy and its flamenco art.


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