Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Jesús Nazareno Bridge


Jesús Nazareno Bridge crosses the Guadaíra river on the stretch closest to the old town, where several roads converge since medieval times.

It is popularly known as the Roman Bridge because its construction, dated post 15th century, was built in a place where there is proof of an existing Roman structure, although it is not externally visible. 

This stone bridge has 7 arches on abutments, three of which are underground. It has undergone numerous alterations throughout history, as it has always been one of the few natural crossing points of the river. The different works that have transformed its original state demonstrate the strategic importance of the bridge. Precisely, in 2012 comprehensive restoration work was carried out to pedestrianize it and recover its original aspect prior to 1917.

At Eastertime, it is beautiful to see the procession of the Brotherhood of Jesus of Nazareth on the bridge, depicting how the Romans blocked his way so that he was unable to climb Mount Calvary with the cross on his back. This usually takes place around 7 in the morning and is one of the key moments during the town’s madrugá (Brotherhoods that are in procession at dawn)


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