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The Castle of El Coronil


This type of castle is very similar to the one in Las Aguzaderas and others of the border defence system: quadrangular floor plan and a keep in one of the greater sides of the rectangle. There is no detailed documentation about this fortress until the end of the 14th century.

The enclosure has an almost rectangular structure, 50 x 25 m on each side, it has four towers at the corners and another one flanking the gate, which also acts as a keep. They all had chambers at the height of the wall-walk, covered with a vaulted ceiling, and small chambers with small windows, as well as a built-in staircase to access to the terrace. The battlements were capped in all the walls and towers and it was built with masonry rigging. Its transformation into Civil Guard barracks has allowed it to maintain an acceptable state of conservation, although it has also undergone numerous transformations.

It is currently owned by El Coronil City Hall and it somehow maintains a residential use since the main courtyard is used for cultural activities. Its location on a hill on the defensive line of the border made it, from the very beginning, a basic element of the whole Moorish Band, visually communicating with those of the Aguzaderas and Los Molares.

It is protected by the generic Declaration of the Decree of 22 April 1949, and Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage.


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