Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Centro de Participación Activa (Hogar del Pensionista)


This is one of the few remaining Regionalist buildings from the 1920s. It was built as a chalet for the bullfighter Antonio Fuentes. Currently, it is the Active Participation Centre for the Elderly. It was designed as a place for encounter and leisure; a centre to encourage active ageing and participation of the local elderly population.

The building is rectangular with different heights up to three storeys. The different heights are evident in the front of the building, where a three-storey structure resembles a tower. Two one-storey sections stand at both ends of this façade. The entire rear section of the building has two levels. A large terrace and garden occupy more than half of the back area. 

The whitewashed façade with an exposed brick plinth is divided into five sections. From left to right, the one-storey section has a large window, identical to the one at the opposite end of the façade. In the latter case, the window has been replaced by a gate. The next section is three storeys high and shaped like a tower. Highlights of this section are the balcony on the upper level and the semi-circular arches. 

The main entrance is situated in the central section, which accessed through a porch with three semi-circular arches on columns that support the terrace on the upper floor. Finally, the most outstanding feature in the rest of the building is the series of balconies with semi-circular arches on the upper level, topped by a large rooftop terrace. 


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