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Columbus Monument


The Columbus monument is located on the Paseo de Catalina de Ribera, a garden path in the Santa Cruz district. The garden has been placed therein since the end of the 19th century, although it was renovated in 1921. The gardens of Murillo can be found to its northwest. They were listed as a Cultural Heritage Site in 2002.

The architecture of the monument corresponds to Juan Talavera y Heredia and the sculpture to Lorenzo Coullaut Valera. It was built by popular subscription, managed from 1917 by the director of the newspaper El Liberal, José Laguillo y Bonilla. It was placed in 1921.

It consists of a base and two stone columns. Two caravel bows can be found in the middle of the columns. Along with the bows, there are two signposts, one on each side, with the names of Isabel and Fernando respectively. Both the bows and the two signposts are made of bronze. At the base of the two columns there are two marble medallions, one on each side, with the bust of Columbus and the coat of arms of the Catholic Kings respectively. A lion with an orb can be found at the top. Its total height is 23 metres. The entire monument is located on the circular basin of a fountain.

It is not the only monument to Columbus in the town. There is another one in the park of San Jerónimo known as the Egg of Columbus (because of its shape) and there is a statue of it in the garden in the monastery of La Cartuja.


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