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Convent of Santa Ángela de la Cruz


The Convent of Santa Ángela de la Cruz is the headquarters of the Hermanas de la Santa Cruz, a community founded by Santa Ángela de la Cruz, a religious sister who stood out for her exceptional social work in various smallpox epidemics. She was beatified in 2002 by Pope John Paul II.

The exterior façade of the building is long and sober. It worth mentioning the simple stone ashlar doorway that leads to the entrance of the exterior hall, where two ceramic altarpieces appear: the Esperanza Macarena and the Cristo de los Gitanos. A wide zigzag corridor leads to the convent chapel, which is small and rectangular in shape and is the only room that can be visited. With modern lines, it has semicircular arches decorated with several plasterwork on its bases. In the background, the Baroque altar is presided over by the image of the Our Lady of Good Health, which comes from the church of Santa Lucia where Mother Angelita was baptised. In front of the altar, in a glass urn, the body of Mother Angelita rests and, on the side of the chapel, that of Sister Maria Purisima rests too.

During the week after Easter, the sisters decorate the inner courtyard to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and access is also allowed to the two inner courtyards.


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