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Hacienda Benazuza


The Hacienda Benazuza, is an old 10th-century Moorish farmhouse that Fernando III gave to his son, Alfonso X el Sabio, in the 12th century. Built by the Moors after the conquest, it passed through the hands of various Castilian nobles, and was even owned by the Order of Santiago. It was the resting place of Alfonso X el Sabio.

The farmhouse was built around the original church, which served as the parish church for a small settlement from which the estate took its name. Today it houses a 5-star luxury hotel complex. It also has a restaurant owned by Ferran Adria.

The building is arranged around the two traditional courtyards. The working courtyard, with an irregular floor plan, houses the oil mill, livestock and storage facilities. The original manor is in disuse, since in recent times a new residence with a central courtyard and of an urban style was built, with access from the manor courtyard. All this is now the centre of a hotel establishment. 

The main façade is crenellated and has a semicircular arch and a central balcony. The courtyards and open spaces are paved with bricks or cobblestones. The farmhouse is one of the most interesting and culturally important of its kind. Its layout is in line with the consolidated model.


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