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Hacienda de Montefuerte


The Hacienda de Montefuerte, located in Navarro Caro Street, now houses the José María Delgado Buiza Municipal Library. This 17th-century Hacienda was a typical olive-growing estate. The Patio de Caballerizas (Mews) is located in the centre of the estate, around which the original buildings were arranged. The tower, crowned with a belvedere, was originally the counterweight tower of the oil mill. This tower, known as Torre Montefuerte, is one of the town’s main landmarks.

The Torre Montefuerte has been used as a symbol of Tomares, more specifically in the current coat-of-arms of the Town Council.

Opening times

 Monday - Friday 8:30–21:30 pm 

Saturday 9:00 – 14:00 


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