Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Hacienda de San Rafael


The Hacienda San Rafael, formerly known as Hacienda del Canónigo, once opened onto three streets: Cortinales, Iglesia and Murillo. Different documents reveal that in 1780 the Hacienda consisted of “main rooms on the upper and lower floors, and separate rooms for servants, with a primary and secondary courtyard and a garden; vaulted granaries above, and on the ground floor storage rooms, winery and wine cellars with earthenware jars and casks, an oil mill and a wagon yard with appropriately-sized doorways; and a watering tub and a stone feed bunk for oxen, and another place for a kitchen garden with a well that serves no purpose”.

More buildings were added during the 20th century, as parts of the estate were segregated and sold off. As an example, the owners sold 300 square metres to the Town Council in 1947 for a new Town Hall and a smaller plot for a health centre. The Town Hall later relocated to its current building 

Only the tower remains of the original building, albeit in deplorable condition. It is topped by a belvedere covered by a hipped tile roof, supported by semi-circular arches on pilasters and decorated with ceramic finials. A new building has been constructed in the former main residence, respecting its original structure. There is an remarkable staircase inside. The building can be accessed through the large entrance on Cortinales Street, which was possibly rebuilt in the 19th century.



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