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La Almona Hacienda and Cultural Centre


Hacienda La Almona in Dos Hermanas had the typical architecture of this type of building, including a central courtyard, oratory, tower, service courtyard, olive oil storage shed, stables and workers' quarters.

In this case, only the remains of the two courtyards and two agricultural warehouses have been preserved. The spaces within the stores are bounded by semi-circular arches supported by columns. Interestingly, one of the warehouses has a second row of arches above the lower ones.

Highlights include the main façade on Calle Real de Utrera, with a wide, semi-circular arch with mixtilinear mouldings. The patterns of the mouldings are similar to those used by the architect Pedro de Silva for the roof of San Juan de Las Cabezas Church in San Juan. Adjacent to the façade is a building with a graceful tower-viewpoint also with semi-circular arches.

On the opposite side of the street, bordering Calle Mina, is a second tower crowned with a remarkable spire with mixtilinear ribs and decorative ceramic elements, typical of 18th century, baroque adornments.

It was known that a large hacienda with an olive mill and all accoutrements existed here since ancient times. They likely also made their own soap, as was customary on other farms.

Over the years, it gradually declined. The Cavalry Regiment of King Alfonso XII established their barracks here since 1921. At around the same time, a public school was built in the large work yard. The school partially collapsed in 1932. Following this incident, the town council commissioned a new school project to the renowned architect Juan Talavera y Heredia, who presented it in 1933. The rest of the estate was sold to private individuals to construct new buildings.

La Almona Cultural Centre

Currently, there is a new Cultural Center called La Almona that can be accessed from the pedestrianised La Mina street.

This modern building has been built over the former site and is used for exhibitions and other cultural events.


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