Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

La Puerta de Morón


Marchena’s Morón Gate was one of the gateways to the old walled city in medieval times.

Commonly known as “Los Cuatro Cantillos”, this gate had a military purpose and was usually closed. Access to the town was through a pointed horseshoe arch framed by an elaborately carved stone alfiz, which looks somewhat different from the original one.

Nowadays, the Morón Gate has three access point. The gate on Torres Street is a lowered arch that leads to the Information and Tourism Office. The gate on San Francisco Street is more interesting. It consists of a horseshoe arch with an alfiz. Next to it is the sign outside the Lorenzo Coullaut Valera Museum, which is located here. Finally, there is a third gate on the next wall that leads to the Museum through the evocative Rincón del Guitarista Melchor, with a lowered rowlock brick arch.


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