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Metropol Parasol


Las Setas de Sevilla, also known as the Metropol Parasol project, executed by architect Jürgen Mayer, is the largest wooden structure in the world. 

The monument has five levels, each of which houses a room. On the first level there is the Antiquarium or Archaeological Museum, the Official Setas de Sevilla Shop, a Tourist Information Office of the town next to Past View and access to the lifts. On the second level, there is an access to the market and the restaurants. On the third level, there an elevated square for the citizens. On the fourth level, there is the start of the visit to the walkways, as well as a small bar and an events area of 500 square metres. Finally, on the fifth level, visitors can enjoy the viewpoint at a height of 28.5 metres.

In relation to the latter, in Las Setas de Sevilla visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view at a height of 28.5 metres. In addition, the viewpoint has a 250 metre walkway to see, look at and enjoy the views of the town from the heights. Since its inauguration, the Setas de Sevilla Viewpoint has become an important tourist attraction in Seville and a must for tourists. 

On the other hand, the first phase of construction of the Metropol Parasol revealed visible remains of much of the Roman period, from Tiberius (circa 30 AD) to the 6th century, as well as an Islamic Almohad house from the 12th and 13th centuries. The archaeological remains are located in an open space of 4,879 square meters, surrounded by a glass membrane of 1,100 square meters that surrounds the entire space and spatially affects the ruin with hanging walls and lights. 


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