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Municipal Historical Archive - Newspaper Library


Municipal Archive

The Seville Municipal Archive preserves the documentation produced and received in any medium by Seville's municipal institutions (Regional and Town Councils), from the middle of the 13th century, when the town was incorporated into the Crown of Castile, until today. Its existence and functioning is documented at least since the 15th century. This documentation has its origin in a geographical area that goes beyond the twon itself, as its collections also come from the former Kingdom of Seville, a district that included the current provinces of Seville, Huelva and Cadiz, which gave this town a metropolitan character arising from the administrative and territorial structures of the Old Regime. The current collection of the Municipal Archive consists of more than 5,000 linear metres in various formats (paper documentation, parchment, administrative books, posters, audiovisual collections, microfilms and digital images), which bear witness both to the past of the town of Seville and to the activities and functions of the recent municipal administration of the town. In addition to the strictly municipal documentary collection, the Archive preserves other collections, including the noble archive of the Ortiz de Zúñiga family and the collections of stamps, coins and medals, graphic and audiovisual documentation. 

Newspaper Library

The last move was made in 1987 to its current location in the Old Court building. It currently preserves 29,462 volumes corresponding to 8,890 titles ranging from the Gazeta Nueva, published in Seville in 1661, to the current press, including national and international newspapers. Graphic weeklies from the beginning of the 20th century, Italian or French magazines, as well as posters and theatre programmes from the 19th century, constitute a collection of unquestionable value for this Newspaper Library. Between 1988 and 2002, microfilming was carried out to safeguard Seville's press collections and the 19th century titles preserved only on paper are currently being digitised.


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