Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Nuestra Señora del Robledo Chapel


The chapel is a construction built in several stages. Its oldest part is in the Mudejar style, with three naves, separated by pointed arches framed by an alfiz and a chancel roofed by a hemispherical dome decorated with murals. In the early 18th century alterations were made to the apse, which at the end of the same century would be permanently converted into the current alcove with typical late Sevillian Baroque decoration.

It is a harmonious building with a simple belfry holding the final lantern of the alcove, where the image is displayed under a silver gazebo and on top of the trunk of an oak, the tree that gives its name to the image, which according to legend appeared to the shepherd Melchior.

On a plaque in the porch, you can see the concession given by King Carlos IV in 1792 granting the privilege of holding a fair on the site on 16th, 17th and 18th August every year.

The collapse of a considerable part of its roofing made it necessary to carry out major renovation work on its roofs, after which it now has a renewed appearance.

On the first Saturday of August, after its respective novena, the image of the Patron Saint is taken into town, where it remains to be venerated until the last Saturday of September, when it returns to its chapel in a procession.


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