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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Ronda de la Alcazaba. Walled compound


The Muslim town of “Marssen´Ah” enjoyed significant cultural and urban growth. The complex structure of the multiple walled compounds that composed Marchena were consistent with the paradigm of Hispanic-Muslim cities. The main walled-enclosure surrounded the core area of the town, the Medina. The Alcazaba protected the seat of the political and military power. The second-tier enclosures surrounded the suburbs, vegetable gardens and other strategic elements. These walled compounds initially measured about 2,400 metres.

Nowadays, the wall surrounds the old, medieval neighbourhood of San Juan, and consists of 35 towers in all (three of them round and Christian, and the rest, Almohad, with battlements and allures).

There are three types of towers in Marchena’s walled area: rectangular, polygonal and round. The gates of the Muslim city were instrumental to the emergence of two neighbourhoods outside the walls –San Sebastian and San Miguel- that are at the core of modern Marchena. 

The two most noteworthy gates of the walled town are Puerta de Morón (Morón Gate) and Puerta de Sevilla (Seville Gate). Both are in a perfect state of conservation. 


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