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San Fernando Cemetery


It is commonly known as "the open-air museum of Seville". It is located in the north of the town, behind the San Lazaro Hospital since 1852. This site is a must-visit due to the beauty of many of its funeral monuments

The San Fernando Cemetery was opened in 1852, in response to the need to gather burials in one single place and not just in churches and cemeteries, which were already saturated in the 18th century due to population growth and the epidemics spread over Seville.

The San Fernando Cemetery was built throughout 1852 and opened for the first burial on 1 January 1853. It consists of main roads where tombs, mausoleums and funeral monuments of bullfighters, singers and other celebrities can be found.

Among the works of art we can find in this cemetery, the Pantheon of Joselito "el Gallo", his brother Rafael, and Ignacio Sánchez Mejías can be found. The Cristo Crucificado de las Mieles (Christ Crucified of the Honey), the Pantheon of Antonio "El Bailarín", the one of the bullfighters "Paquirri" and Juan Belmonte. There are other pantheons that are worth highlighting: Juanita Reina, Gitanillo de Triana, Espartero, Diego Martínez Barrio, Antonio Susillo...

The whole enclosure is landscaped with alignments of cypresses, the funeral tree par excellence. Palm trees can also be seen, symbolising the triumph of life and eternity.


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