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Santaella Palace


The Palace of the Counts of Puerto Hermoso, commonly known by the name of its former owner as Santaella Palace, is an excellent example of Ecija’s palatial houses and 18th-century civil architecture. 

The building from the first third of the 18th century has a splendid façade with carved stone ornament centred over the entrance. These ornaments bring visual variety and richness to the naked walls; for instance, caryatids in front of the pilasters flank the door, and on the second level, they are arranged on both sides of the balcony. The ensemble is topped by the family coat of arms. 

On one side of the entrance is a flared niche with a mural altarpiece of Our Lady of Valvanera that fills the emptiness of the walls.

Highlights inside include the courtyard, typical stately Ecijan Baroque mansions, with a double arcade on all four sides, and above all, the main staircase, covered with a monumental dome on a tholobate with polychrome plasterwork, complemented with floral ornaments and landscapes. This work is closely tied to the Peñaflor Palace’s façade, which was likely made by the same workshop. The carpentry is also remarkable, with magnificent carved doors.

It is currently the headquarters of the Ecija Tennis Club.


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